About Us

The concept at London Cuisine extends well beyond an average cookery school; it is in effect a lifestyle centre. Strategically placed close to London Bridge, the establishment teaches a wide range of international cooking classes in London including specialist classes for fine dining, cooking for blokes™, wheat/dairy free.

Following our success at Hampstead Cuisine, The same ethos continues. Our London cooking school is unique given the small class sizes that enables us to put emphasis on teaching; there is a running commentary and explanation on most ingredients or components used - differences in olive oil grades, preparation of the allium (onions, leeks, shallots etc) family, why some oils like sesame sometimes need a carrier, the importance of sautéing spices, the affects of heat and oxygen in a pan, the salt and sugar components in bread making and more. Equally important to complement this is methodology and structure; how to apply a culinary techniques or method many fold and across a broad range of international cuisines and flavours thus multiplying one's abilities and expand creativity.

This collage of information is to demystify the art of cooking and sometimes it means going back to basics in order to get a thorough grounding and understanding of cooking essentials which so often this level of information and detail one cannot find nor read in glossy magazines. Most important to qualify all the above is personal attention to individuals and hands on experience so one gets the opportunity to try out different knives and associated skills, types of professional pans and their applications and in this process instill both confidence and kitchen management making cooking experience days more enjoyable. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4780382.stm

We operate as a boutique school which separates us from the mass thus the experience is a unique one; from the moment visitors arrive, they are taken care of with hospitality being paramount for anyone spending an afternoon cooking course, evening or simply a dinner soiree with us.

The London cookery school has a bright professional designer studio fitted with high tech German only appliances. The Peacock quarter is light and ideal to chill out after a culinary workout accompanied with Baroque music and a cocktail where friends may come and enjoy the soiree too.

For us the cookery classes in London we offer are just one element; how you deliver, present, organise a dinner party, set the environment which includes lighting, music and colours are all important which we coach our students on our cookery courses.

Since we use high quality kitchen equipment we offer these products via our sister company germanqualitycookware.co.uk too.

The school has a special place in London Society and the cuisine schools patrons are members of the former German monarchy

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