London Cuisine


Date: 21 01 2018

Molecular gastronomy? Alchemy?...what is it all about?  You may have experienced a snippet of this cuisine either in a restaurant or at a show and how one aspires to be able to create such gastronomy. Its all about reapplying flavours and ingredients in a very different way to change or enhance the textures and more often than not, given a heightened sensation to the food.

One thing is certain which is often asked is, how safe is this all? It is taking natural ingredients which are often used in the food manufacturing industry fused together with everyday ingredients to enhance existing cuisine disciplines and concepts. The natural ingredients are seaweed and other plant extracts, safe gases like nitrous oxide and natural flavourings like freeze dried plants. The end result can be spectacular, unexpected and takes cuisine to another level without too much effort. This workshop gives you the fundamentals to kick start this gastronomy and once the groundwork has been established it opens the doors to countless possibilities which can be applied to classic and new world cooking. Needless to say, the workshop is fun, exciting and a real challenge on one’s taste buds. This is a day workshop, tasting the creations during the workshop.







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